Sunday, February 28, 2010

Intel Release Atom N470 Processor

Intel has finally released its Atom N470 processor a sequel to the N450 processor for netbooks.
The N470 was first showcased last September at CeBit.
The processor boasts a 1.83 GHz clock speed and also supports HyperThreading. The N470 also improves battery performance and is expected to start shipping soon.

LG showcase Prototype Windows Phone 7 Phone

LG Electronics, one of the device partners for Microsoft's Windows Phone 7 OS have released a pre-production version of their device. The device has a fully functional slideout QWERTY keyboard, all Windows Phone 7 dedicated keys (home, back, camera) as well as a 3.5 mm earphone jack and a 5 mega pixel camera. Though there's not much word out yet on the device, it's expected to hit stands by September. Cant wait to get mine.

Thursday, February 25, 2010

Samsung release HDTV with Skype

Samsung has officially finally come out with their new 7000 and 8000 series HDTVs with Skype. Skype will be offered on the embedded Samsung Apps service.
Users will be able to sign in or create accounts with their TV remote controls and make video calls right from the comfort of a living room couch. Video will be recorded with the new attached HD Web Video Cameras.

Pentax X90 has 26x Digital Zoom. Set to hit Stands

Guess i've seen CAMERAS. But there's a lot that's wild about this cute beast. As one of the cameras coming out in this week's PMA show, the X90 from Pentax may get you furious if you recently bought a camera.
Spotting a 12.1MegaPixel lens and a 2.7 inch LCD display, it has USB 2.0 connectivity, HDMI interface and shoots HD video. It also has an electronic view finder, triple shake reduction and face detection. Although not yet in stores, prices are expected to start at $359

iPad/Future iPhone to have Front-facing Camera

Apple recently released -then pulled back- a new version of the ipad software development kit, SDK 3.2. However, developers who downloaded the kit before it was pulled off say that there included tips that future iphones and the yet to be released ipad may have front facing cameras. The 3G version of the ipad might definitely be spotting a front camera, making video conferencing available on the device. Up till now, Apple hasn't stepped forward to say anything, but we're keeping our fingers crossed

Crucial's RealSSD on Sale. 6Gbps Data transfer (Hard Disk)

Crucial has released it's RealSSD solid state hard disk. The new product from crucial boasts a slick data transfer speed of 6Gbps. I guess that's some serious huge take over there. It comes in two variants. The 256GB version goes for $799 enough to buy an excellent laptop, and for people on a budget, the 128GB version goes for $499. I bet i'll buy enough food in my house before buying any of these, but they're sure worth it

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Google to face Monopoly Probe in EU

The European Union is about to launch a probe into whether Google is being a monopoly or not. This comes not long after the US mentioned something similar. If we recall, a few years back, it was Microsoft facing the same charges in the EU

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Intel and Nokia launch Meego OS for Smartphones

Intel and Nokia have teamed together to produce the Meego OS. An open source platform that would power smartphones, in-car computers and a host of other devices. The announcement brings to question Nokia's commitment to the Symbian foundation. Nokia however said that some Meego applications will run on the existing Symbian platform

Facebook launches "Facebook Zero"

Facebook has launched Facebook Zero, a virtually text-only version for its mobile site. The new site is less bandwith consuming and is aimed at helping users with slow internet connections or high data charges, and also to help mobile operators free up bandwith for other critical services. It has been noted that users in the UK spent over 2.2 billion minutes on Facebook mobile between November and December last year.

Facebook facing lawsuit over Privacy Settings

A group of five facebook users are filing a lawsuit against facebook concerning changes the networking site made to privacy settings in November and December. The group is claiming that Facebook's privacy settings review was misleading and has led to more private information being revealed on the site

Microsoft Releases Windows Phone 7

Microsoft has released Windows Phone 7, what could probably be termed the "iPhone killer". The new Windows Phone 7 comes with unconventional large square menu buttons a very cute user interface similar to that found in the Zune HD. Although Microsoft is not branding its own phone, hardware providers will be handpicked as Microsoft is giving strict conditions for the hardware that can run the platform. The first phones however will not be shipping until September. We can't wait.

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Updates, Latest Settings for Free Browsing Opera Mini MTN Zain

Hello to Nigerian readers out there. Sure most people are clamoring for settings for the free browsing on Opera Mini. Well if you use 4.2 multi op, use the following custom server.
For Zain
But it doesn't end at this. You'll need to change your proxy address. I'm sorry i won't be posting the new proxy here but you can get it by calling me. 08065210659

Oracle completes AmberPoint Acquisition

As part of efforts to plug leaks in its Enterprise Manager platform, Oracle has completed its acquisition of AmberPoint. AmberPoint was until now a dwindling stand-alone provider of run-time governance for the SOA environments

Google launches Google Buzz

Google has launched its awaited service the Google Buzz. Google Buzz combines the features of an RSS feed with voice posts, social networking within the existing Gmail and Google infrastructure. Read more at

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Notion Ink's competition to Apple's iPad: Adam Tablet

Notion Ink is set to unveil a strong competitor for Apple's iPad. The Android OS powered Adam tablet appears to be everything the iPad is not. From inbuilt Flash to widescreen output on a 1080p display, a battery that lasts 2 times longer than the iPad's, inbuilt Nvidia graphics card and available in two models, 12.9mm and 11.6mm thick, this is sure to give the iPad a serious run

Monday, February 8, 2010

Large Chinese Hacker Training website shutdown

Police have shut down what is acclaimed to be the largest hacker training community in China.
Black Hawk Safety Net is a group that trains would-be hackers for a 14 dollar fee, sells trojan software to its members and provides other hacker resources. The site which had 14,000 paid subscribers and 170,000 free users had made almost 1.2 million dollars in membership fees

Sunday, February 7, 2010

Apple and Amazon in battle of the Books

In what is appearing as a new twist, apple is trying to wrest control of the ebook market from Amazon. Amazon's introduction of the Kindle reader saw it approaching book publishers with a $9.99 flat rate for ebooks compared with a $15 tag for hardcover versions. This sparked off a reaction from publishers feeling they'll sell too cheap. But Apple with the introduction of the iPad which some people consider a better reading device than the Kindle because of its color multitouch screen is now offering publishers to sell titles at their own price. This strategy, industry observers say could be an incentive to publishers to draw away from the Amazon flat rate pricing model. But what happens next, would consumers rather buy an ebook rather than a hardcover for almost the same price?

iPhone more popular among game developers than PSP and Wii

As crazy as it may sound, more game developers are now coding for the iPhone and iPod touch more than they are for even the most common handheld gaming devices. Statistics now show that 19% of game developers are writing games for Apple devices. A number that's twice that of the PSP and Nitendo Wii and DS

Saturday, February 6, 2010

Samsung to Release transparent screen laptop in 12 months

It was first unveiled at CES and it seems Samsung is really taking a shot at it. Using OLED technology, the laptop has an almost absolutely transparent screen, making it possible to see invariably anything behind the screen. Well, we're in a crazy world and who knows whether transparent desktops are coming too.

Thursday, February 4, 2010

Apple iPad: reviews, what you should know and my own side of the story. Part 1

Now that i'm back, it seems the most popular thing that happened throughout my absence was the launch of the Apple iPad. There's been a lot of hype, raves, criticisms and media rant about this new device, but what side of whose story is best.
First, we all know that the iPad is a tablet PC. That said, a tablet is supposed to be, in my own opinion, a tuned down laptop, or a an upgraded smartphone. But in public consensus, a downgraded laptop is a more acceptable definition. Am sure that after reading this article a lot of readers might call me a Microsoft fanboy, but am going to bare down on the truths about this device.
My first disappointment is about the absence of native Flash. Steve Jobs claims HTML5 is going to be the replacement for Flash, but we ain't seeing HTML5 until another 3 to 4 years. Would Apple's support for HTML5 and non-inclusion of the Flash plugin in their iPad speed up the development and use of HTML5? I don't think so. So why not include what we have and campaign for what we are yet to have. Definitely, it means i can't watch online videos on my iPad.
Secondly, i see on reason why it should have a 4:3 screen and no support for HD output (HDMI). The world has virtually migrated to HD. So, why on earth is this device not supporting HD.
Third, and probably most annoying is the fact that you cannot multitask on the iPad. Then why is it a PC at all. So once you're listening to music, you cant open spreadsheets or edit documents. In my opinion, that's lame.
Before you buy your iPad, make sure you won't really be needing the fore mentioned features

I'm back.... And i apologise

Hey folks. Got to admit, it's not been too easy the past few months. Got hooked up on some database design job and i've not really had time to contribute here. But you know what? I'm back and i'm gonna be here for a long time. I'm sorry though to those who missed my posts
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