Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Lenovo Introduces the Miix2, its first 8-inch Windows 8.1 tablet; coming soon for $299

With that latest Windows update due out tomorrow, you'd better believe the smaller Windows tablets are about to start pouring in. Now that we've heard from Dell, Lenovo is also getting in the game: it just debuted the Miix2, its first 8-inch Windows 8.1 tab. Like pretty much every other 8-incher that's about to be announced, it runs on one of Intel's new quad-core Bay Trail processors, rocks a 1,200 x 800 display, and comes with Microsoft Office installed. 

Google extends Chrome support for Windows XP until April 2015

If you have to keep using Windows XP for the next couple of years, you won't necessarily be stuck using an outdated web browser. Google now says that Chrome will get XP-compatible updates until "at least" April 2015, one year after Microsoft drops support for its aging OS. The extension should minimize the threat of browser-based exploits for those who can't transition to newer platforms all that quickly. While an OS upgrade would ultimately be the safest move for many users, it's good to see Google offering some love to older PCs.

Apple Seeking Wider Samsung Products Import ban in The US

On August 9, Samsung took a legal blow as the ITC ruled it had violated two of Apple’s patents, something leading to an import ban against certain products. Though Apple had successfully had an ITC product ban overturned by the Obama administration, Samsung wasn’t so lucky with its own request, and now Apple is seeking a wider import ban in the US.

Angry Birds Release Mario Kart Alternative for Android and iOS (Angry Birds Go)

This week the folks at Rovio have unleashed word of their next gaming effort in Angry Birds Go! This game will – as suspected – work with the “Kart” universe of racing, doing so for Android and iOS on December 11th, 2013. This game will take on what Nintendo refuses to move forward with in creating a full-powered top-notch kart-based racing game for mobile devices.

Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Twitter Will Now Let You Receive DMs From People You Don't Follow

If you're active on Twitter, you're familiar with the following scenario: someone you follow sends you a DM, but your efforts to reply are stymied by their stubborn insistence not to follow back (which we're sure is entirely their loss). But the old Twitter ways are changing; now, users can opt-in to receive messages from any ol' follower without the need to follow back.

HTC building Amazon phones for 2014 insiders claim

Amazon and HTC are partnering on the rumored “Kindle smartphone”, a new report suggests, with the struggling phone manufacturer in talks around building as many as three handsets for the retail behemoth. Of the trio of unnamed devices, one is “at an advanced stage of development” – potential the device believed to be codenamed “Smith” – the FT [registration required] reports, though is still unlikely to launch until 2014 assuming Amazon sticks with its current roadmap.

Square Cash Lets You Send Money Over Email, Now Open to US residents

That Square Cash service that was unveiled as invite-only about five months ago? Well, it's officially open to the public. As of now, anyone can send cold hard cash to anyone else just with a regular ol' email address -- well, an address in the US, anyway. To send money, simply send an email to the recipient with "" in the CC field and the dollar amount in the subject line.

Yahoo's Q3 Sees Net Revenue Drop Slightly, 'Meaningful Increases' in Traffic

The Q3 earnings report for Yahoo is in, and even with earnings down 91 percent year over year (due to an infusion of cash last year when it sold part of its share in Alibaba Group) it held few surprises. Revenue dropped 1 percent to $1.08 billion, while ad sales also dropped slightly, down 7 percent for Q3 last year.

Intel Delays Broadwell chips to early 2014 due to production yield problems

We hope you weren't dead set on buying devices using Intel's Broadwell processors, as the company has delayed production of the 14-nanometer CPU line to early 2014. Fixes for early manufacturing defects didn't work as well as expected, CEO Brian Krzanich says, limiting Intel's ability to produce enough functioning chips.

The setback shouldn't affect Skylake, Broadwell's successor. Still, it's not good news for a semiconductor firm that's scrounging for good news in an unforgiving PC market.

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