Friday, October 30, 2009

Free Dell Coupon Codes

These Dell coupon codes will help you save up to 25% on all laptop and desktop purchases you make from Dell online store
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Thursday, October 29, 2009

Google release Maps application for Android

Google has released a new map app for its new Android 2.0. Am sure it'll be worthy of a 5 star rating cos it carries the "Google Experience"

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Google release Android 2.0

Google has released the latest version of its Android operating system for Smartphones, the new android comes with a host of interesting features which software developers will be able to customize with their devices. Read more at

Google Releases Android 2.0

Google has released the latest version of its Android operating system for Smartphones, the new android comes with a host of interesting features which software developers will be able to customize with their devices. Read more at

Friday, October 23, 2009

GameFly launches GameCentre for Apple iPhone

As part of its own contributionn to the expanding apps in the Apple store, GameFly has launched its GameCenterApp for Apples iPhone and iTouch. This gives iPhone users access to a database of as much as 5000 video games as well as news, videos and a host of other perks

Improve Your Worth with Oracle Certification

Hello readers, i think this is an opportunity to share the little i know and afford friends the oppurtunity to make better careers.
Oracle certification is one of the best ways you can take to improve your worth in the IT market.
Although most people know about this already, but i guess its worth mentioning.
Start out with the first stage, OCA (Oracle Certified Associate) and go on advancing till you get to the OCM (Oracle Certified Masters).

Training and certification is readily available as you can complete your training for the first stage in less than 3 months and take the certification Exam afterwards.

Certification exams cost around $150 (around NGN 27,000) and you can take them in approved Prometrics testing centres.

The Good thing about Oracle Certifications is that usually, you need to take only one certification exam to attain a ceretification level. Unlike some certifications that require you to take as many as seven exams.

In case you need any materials and books to help you attain your certification, you can call me on +2348034650180 , +2347027331171, +2347027331172,

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Microsoft Windows 7 goes on Sale

The much anticipated operating system from Microsoft which was conceived as a result of the multiple flaws in Windows Vista and which is expected to be a whole lot of improvement (Windows 7) is expected to go on sale any moment from now.
So, For critics who are expecting to pick out flaws and those who have been downcast by Vista and now looking for improvements, what are you waiting for....... Hit the stands man. And sure for those living in Scottsdale, Arizona an opportunity to see the new Microsoft Centre. Have a nice

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Acer Aspire Netbook Dual boots Windows 7 and Google Android

The sleek Aspire Netbook from Acer features what i would term "Rivalry in a Box". Though its a good idea and well "improved publicity" for Google's not so popular Android operating system. This for sure is good business for google whose Android platform has hitherto only been known on a few mobile platforms. The Aspire Netbook comes as the first portable PC to offer dual-booting to two different OS platforms from different Vendors. Though we've seen Linux/Windows hybrids, this is the first time we are seeing something like this on a very small scale.
So for anybody wishing to try their hands out on the Google Android OS, this is your chance

Watch TV on Your Mobile Phone

As long as you have an internet enabled, i guess you now have the opportunity of watching TV on your mobile. Although i dont have all the details now, i'll give out the first few steps now. Visit and register. Go to and download Editable ToGo TV Software for mobile. These are the basic first steps to your mobile TV experience. I'll post the configuration settings next week. Until then keep your fingers crossed.

Sunday, October 18, 2009

Materials for Certification exams

I have a relatively large library, and collection of ebooks that will definitely help in preparing for your professional exams. So Feel free to call me to request for books, tutorials and training guides for your Oracle and Cisco certification exams
+2348065210659, +2347027331171

Friday, October 16, 2009

New Google group

I just created a new group on google for IT Professionals, where you can discuss with other professionals, share your views and seek advice on issues bothering your computer networks. You can also e-mail

Update to Pingfu Free Browsing

Some things i think i need to tell you about Pingfu browsing. The download speed may seem to be slow sometimes but for best results, i think this would work best for subscribers in Lagos and Abuja. Try and get a 3G Phone, probably one of the Nokia N-Series or E-Series, make sure you are in 3G enabled area, and connect.

You'll experience faster browsing speeds with this

First Microsoft Store Set To Open for Windows 7 launch

The first microsoft store which sets to resemble a wal-mart store type is set to be open in Scottsdale, Arizona. The store which is already recieving its final touches may be opened on, before or after October 22.

The store will feature everything from Windows 7 up to the X-Box 360, oh and there'll also be 94 inch Tv screens for visitors and shoppers to play their games on

Woooowwwww. Cant wait to be there

The New Blackberry Storm 2

To all Tech freaks and lovers of the blackberry technology, RIM is out with a new version of blackberry- Storm 2. with the next generation SurePress technology and SureType® technology which provides better typing accuracy and a more tactile feel, you can type on a virtual, full QWERTY keyboard in portrait or landscape mode, touch two areas of the screen at once to select multiple items. It

has wi-fi support, a long lasting battery, fast network connectivity, high camera resolution and a host of other amazing features, this new device is sure going to give you a second thought about the iPhone.

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Pingfu UDP, Iris tunnel and free internet browsing

Well, i guess this is an opportunity to do less gibberish talk, I had my internet connection reset and i lost everything i typed before, so i'll go straight to the point.

Most people would charge for this, but i'll give it out free of charge

To start browsing free of charge, u can use the pingfu udp software.

For people in Nigeria, for now, it works best on zain network.
So if you dont have one, get one if you want to use this and follow the steps below.

Visit and download the pingfu udp software or search for " download pingfu UDP" in google and follow any link to download the software.

Because pingfu grants you only a 3-day trial period, you will need to download another software to ensure you can use it for a longer. Search for "Runasdate" in google and follow any link to download the software.

Install runasdate first on your system and run the pingfu setup package through runasdate specifying as long a date as you want.

If you have not been using your Zain sim to browse before, visit to configure your zain SIM for internet browsing

1. Connect your phone's PC Suite to the internet. For Nokia PC Suite users, use the configure manually option and use the following settings:

Access Point:
user: internet
password: internet

2. Note: Before connecting your PC Suite, disable all automatic updates or internet requests by programs on your PC such as Antivirus updates and Windows Automatic Updates to avoid losing your entire credit balance

3. Open Pingfu UDP, and setup your account. Its free

4. Click on the Configuration tab, click "Configure Manually" and choose "I'm Behind A Proxy Server".

5. Enter the following settings and click "Apply Changes"

Port: 80
user: internet
password: internet

6. Click on "Connect"

With these settings, i guess you are good to go.

In case you have any problems you can call me on 07027331171, 07027331172, 08034650180, 08065210659

Tuesday, October 13, 2009


Hello readers out there, what can i say...... hmmm....... well, just welcome to my blog.This blog mainly will be treating and posting issues and information on Information technology.

Basically, introducing myself, i am Adetayo Kolade and am an Oracle Certified Professional, with lil experience in some of the best telecoms companies in Nigeria.

I will be discussing major IT and telecoms events and issues on this blog. In addittion, i will be a bit centered on Database Technologies, Networking and a few tips on finanace. Sure you're wondering what does finance have to do with all these. Well, we'll see.

Have A nice blogging experience here.

And like i said,...... Welcome!
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