Friday, April 5, 2013

Top 10 Best Google Adsense Alternatives

Want To Make Money Online But Not Getting Adsense Approval For Your Site? If Yes Then You Must Be Looking For Some of The Best Google Adsense Alternatives.Then You Are The Right Place.I have heard Many Complains About Adsense got Banned Or Adsense Not Approved and They Are looking To Monetize their Blog In Some Other Way,Using Some Other Platform.1). Buy Sell Ads

It is One Of The Best Ad Networks Online Today.It is Store Or You Can Say Marketplace Where You Can Buy or Sell Ads.Getting An Buy Sell Ad Account is Not Easy But If You Have Some Good No Of Page views Or Visitors Per Month.BSA Pays 75% Of The Revenue Generated And Pays You Twice Via PayPal And The Minimum Payout Is $50.

2). Infolinks

Infolink is One Of The Top Paying Advertising Program After Google Adsense So If You Don’t Have an Adsense Account Then Try Infolinks.It is a Pay Per Click Advertising Program That Indexes Your Sites and Add Some Hyperlinks In Your Site.If ou Have Some Good Traffic From Western Countries Like USA And Canada Then You Can Make Great Money From Infolinks.They Pay Via PayPal and The Minimum Amount That You can Withdraw Is $50.
3). Chitika

Chitika Is A Very Good advertising Program Similar To Google Adsense.I told Similar To Google Adsense Because It Give You Much Control Over Your Ads As Google Adsense.One Thing That I Noticed In Chitika is That You Can Use It if You Still Have Adsense On Your Site.The Minimum Payout Via Paypal is $10 And If You Wish To Receive Payment Via Check The Minimum Payout Is $50.
4).Tribal Fusion

Tribal Fusion Is A CPM Ad Network That Can Let You Generate Some Passive Income If You Have Some Good Site Having Some Massive Visitors Per Month.It Is Very Hard To Become A Publisher At Tribal Fusion But You Can Get Your Site Approved If You Have More Than 500,000 Page views Per Month.So Get Ready For Tribal Fusion And If You Succeed You Can Earn Great Amount.

This Is One Of The Most Irritating Ad networks I Have Ever Seen But if Your Site Is New And Is Not Getting Adsense Approval Then You Can Surely Go For Clicksor.It Provides Many Types Of Ads Like In-Text Contextual,Popups Etc.Minimum Payout There Is $50 And I Bet Your Site Will Approved In The First Attempt.So Good Luck WIth Clicksor.
6). Kontera

Kontera Is A In-Text Advertising Ad Network Like Infolinks Which transforms your Text Into Their Ads and So That You Can Make Most Out Of Your Blog.It’s a Bit hard To Get Approved But You Can Get Approved If You Have Some Decent Traffic At Your Site.Minimum Payout There Is $50 Which Is Quite Easy To achieve.

It is One Of The Best Alternatives To Adsense,It’s Quite Difficult To Get Approved As I also Didn’t Got Approved At The First Time.Once You Get’s Approved It Puts an Ad Banner Into a Banner So That You Can Get Advertisement Offers.AdBrite Splits The Revenue Generated Into 75%-25%.It Pays Via Check and The Minimum Payout Is $100.
8). BidAdvertiser

It Is a Pay Per Click Advertising Network Where You Get Paid For Display Ads On Your Site.It Offers Contextual As Well As feed Advertisements.It Pays Via Check,Paypal Or Wire Transfer And The Minimum Payout There Is $10.

iSocket Is Very Similar To Buy Sell Ads But It’s Some Better Than That In My View.You Can’t Get Easily Approved In This Ad Network And If You Get Approved Than Think That You Have Hitted A Home Run.It Deals In Direct Ad Sale And It Deals With Some Best Sites On The Internet And It Needs Your Site To Have A Minimum of 100,000 Unique visitors Per Month.So Don’t Wait Apply For It.

Adversal Is A Great Ad Network and It’s New Too.So If you Are Looking For Some Good Alternative For Your Site Than It Must Be Your First Choice.It Serves Pop up Banners As Well As Full Page Banners Too.You Can Benefit More From It If You Have Traffic From Western Countries.It Also Pays As CPM.You Can Benefit From It If You Have Adsense Approved Also.It Also Shows Adsense Ads On Your Sites and You Will Get No Problem.With Adversal You Can Have Upto 5 Adsense Ad Blocks Per Page.

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