Wednesday, April 24, 2013

WindsorNot: the 4-inch WebOS smartphone that never saw the light of day

The downfall of WebOS left more than a few canceled devices in its wake, but the most illusive of the bunch tends to be the WindsorNot: a touch-only smartphone. We've seen hints of it here and there, but the shy little device has largely been kept under wraps -- until now. The dedicated folks at WebOS Nation have managed to get their hands on a functional prototype. The 4-inch devices seems to lie somewhere between a Pre3 and HP Touchpad, aping the hardware specifications of the former while adopting the latter's software version: WebOS 3.0.

The tweaked software does feature a smartphone-sized keyboard, but WebOS Nation says some of the OS' trappings are difficult to read, and were clearly meant to be refined for the smaller screen before release. The phone's form, on the other hand, seems to be top notch, indicating that the project was canned before the software team had a chance to catch up. Check out the source link for a full walkthrough of the device and a brief history lesson of WebOS' last days.

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