Sunday, April 21, 2013

Share your Flight/Airline experiences on Twitter with @Flyt_Ex

Launching just recently, FlightExperience aims to crowd source airline experiences, flight experiences, and whatever you might have witnessed on your recent flights within or outside the country.

"The Rude hostess", "The wonderful Menu", "Flight Delays", "Good Customer Relationship", The good, the bad, the ugly, whatever your experiences might be, you can share them on the go by mentioning @flyt_exYour tweets are automatically retweeted, and other followers can plan their future flights based on your recommendations or comments.

You can also share your experiences on the Facebook Page.

Reviews would be made from all posts carrying the @Flyt_Ex mention, and a #Top10Airlines post would be released on a bi-monthly basis.

We believe this would enable us to collectively improve the quality of service delivery we get from Airlines in Nigeria.

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