Friday, April 5, 2013

Real Racing 3 update to offer new cars, new events, and iCloud support

Firemonkey and Electronic Arts have announced an update to Real Racing 3 that will hot iOS and Android soon. There’s going to be new cars, new events, iCloud saving functionality, and a new “Hunter” game mode. Plus, there’s going to be “many extra features and tweaks” coming to the new racing game. No release date has been announced, but the folks behind the game say that the update will be “available soon.”
The news was announced via Real Racing 3‘s Facebook page. Not a lot of details have been revealed about the new update, but two new cars will be joining the current fleet of vehicles: the Camaro ZL1 and the Cobalt SS — both of which are Chevrolet cars. Other than that, “100+ new events” that will be coming to the game, as well as the new “Hunter” mode, which we have yet to find out what that is.

The video above shows off the Camaro and Cobalt in action, but not much else is revealed. In the video’s description, however, we’re teased with a new “statistics leaderboard” that will allow racers to “compare and compete with friends.” Again, we’re not sure what that will entail exactly, but it seems fairly promising.

As for iCloud functionality, we’re not sure how exactly it will be incorporated into the game, but it will most likely allows Real Racing 3 gamers to switch between their iOS devices and start back up where they left off. For instance, one might play the game on their iPad, and then switch to their iPhone later on, picking up where they left off. Obviously, this feature won’t come to Android, but iOS users will certainly enjoy it.

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