Sunday, April 14, 2013

New Nissan Leaf comes to the UK with battery leasing option, extended range

With price reductions on both sides of the Atlantic, and a battery replacement promise, Nissan is clearly keen to lure you over to the EV side of the fence. The latest ploy comes in the form of a battery leasing scheme in the UK market. Dubbing them "Flex" models, cars bought with a leased battery will start at £15,990 (about $24,000) thanks to a British government grant scheme that knocks £5,000 ($7,700) off the price.
It'll then cost £70 ($108) and upwards a month to rent the battery depending on the contract and mileage. The new British-built version also comes with a swathe of improvements (over 100 claims Nissan), with top-billing going to the extended range -- from 109 to 124 miles. With charging times also said to be close to 50 percent of those of the original Leaf, the car certainly seems to be moving with the times. Those who prefer to buy the car and battery together as one, can still do so, at the expense of the £5,000 grant. Still undecided? Remember even more improvements could be on the way.

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