Friday, April 19, 2013

FAA approves Boeing 787 battery fix, gives the green light for repairs

It's been a few weeks since the Boeing 787 successfully completed testing, but the FAA has finally weighed in on the proposed tweaks to the plane's faulty lithium-ion batteries. Today the organization approved Boeing's battery fix, which means the aircraft maker could soon end the three-month grounding of all Dreamliners.
The real action will come next week, when the FAA will issue instructions for making changes to the 787s and -- according to an official statement -- "publish in the Federal Register the final directive that will allow the 787 to return to service." Airlines operating the Dreamliner, including United and ANA, will be required to install containment and venting systems in addition to replacing the batteries with the new, modified components. This is certainly some good news for Boeing; these past few months haven't exactly been easy on the company's pocketbook (or reputation), but it still has plenty of work ahead in retrofitting its 50-strong fleet.

VIA: Reuters


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