Friday, April 19, 2013

Amazon reportedly launching in Russia, goes on Kindle-related hiring spree

Amazon is fleshing out its international empire. The company has already conquered the US, Japan, UK and Canada, and has even launched an ebook assault on the Chinese mainland. Now it looks like the online giant has settled on its next target: Russia. According to a report in the Russian edition of Forbes, the Goodreads purchaser has just set up shop in the former Soviet heartland and brought on Arkady Vitrouk (former CEO of ABC-Atticus) as director of Kindle Content for the region. Amazon hasn't officially confirmed the move, but Vitrouk has updated his LinkedIn profile to reflect his new ebook-focused title. Scouring the professional social network reveals listings for a few other Kindle-related positions in the country, including a number of jobs focused on content acquisition -- an important step in the lead up to launch. There's no indication that free two-day shipping or streaming video will be coming to Russia anytime soon, but the ereader market seems as good a place as any to start a quest for dominance.

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