Thursday, March 7, 2013

LG ships its MT93 Personal Smart TV to your dorm this March

College students and studio apartment tenants still don't have many options for advanced TVs; they often have to make do with a PC monitor or find a way to cram a bigger TV set into a tiny space. It's a good thing that LG's MT93 Personal Smart TV is shipping to Europe this month, then. The 27-inch, IPS-based upgrade to last year's model carries the same smart app platform, 3D imagery and Magic Remote as LG's larger sets while doubling as a monitor for HDMI-equipped PCs. It even stuffs in wireless sharing support that rarely makes it to small TVs, such asMiracast and WiDi. LG hasn't said which other countries will get the MT93, but international expansion plans later this year could please at least a few more campus dwellers.


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