Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Facebook And Google Bury The Hatchet (Temporarily) To Kill A Core Problem In Gingerbread Dalvik

Dalvik Shaver Done
“We went from Defcon 1 and sirens, where we could no longer develop Facebook for half the Android world, to people staying up to fix it, to being able to extend the platform a bit and work with Google on it.” Without the patch, Facebook says it would have had to consider stripping out features, such as the ability to send SMS messages from Facebook For Android. Later today, Facebook will publish an engineering blog post that details the patch so other developers can use it and avoid wasting weeks butting their heads up against Gingerbread Dalvik limits.The whiteboard session overall conveyed the idea that after being an iOS-first company for so long, Facebook is getting serious about utilizing Android’s reach to push its mission of connecting the world. While many of its employees might still prefer iPhones, Android’s low-cost and availability is making it the favorite in the nascent international markets Facebook is relying on for growth. Having devs ready to build Android, as well as having Google’s support, means it can lace social into the DNA of the open operating system.

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