Wednesday, January 23, 2013

BlackBerry Enterprise Service 10 now up for download (video)

BlackBerry Enterprise Service 10 now up for download (video)
BlackBerry's just served up fresh tools to replace its Mobile Fusion brand and help businesses manage employee phones: BlackBerry Enterprise Service 10. BES 10, which is now available for download, not only supports the upcoming fleet of BB 10 phones and existing BlackBerry hardware, but Android and iOS devices as well.
With the software, businesses can use a web-based interface to manage applications and data on company-issued devices or personal hardware that's welcomed into the fold. Also, Heins and Co. are baking in their BlackBerry Balance tech to help separate data and apps between work and personal life. Hit the break for a brief glimpse of BES 10 in action and more details in the press release.

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