Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Google Editions Bookstore to Launch This Summer

Google this week shed a bit more light on its long-rumored plans to launch its own digital book store.
The company's manager for strategic-partner development, Chris Palma, told a crowd in New York that the store was set to launch in June or July of this year. The launch of such a store would put the company in direct competition with Amazon, Barnes & Noble, and, most recently, Apple, over the emerging e-book market.
Google is set to tie the service to its book-search engine, which has been the subject of much criticism from book publishers. According to Palma, books purchased through the service will be viewable through Web browsers. The feature would make the books more or less device agnostic--Kindle, Nook, iPad, whatever.
According to The Wall Street Journal, Google has yet to decide whether it will let publishers set their own prices for the store--a source of contention between publishers and Amazon in its own e-book store.

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