Thursday, February 4, 2010

Apple iPad: reviews, what you should know and my own side of the story. Part 1

Now that i'm back, it seems the most popular thing that happened throughout my absence was the launch of the Apple iPad. There's been a lot of hype, raves, criticisms and media rant about this new device, but what side of whose story is best.
First, we all know that the iPad is a tablet PC. That said, a tablet is supposed to be, in my own opinion, a tuned down laptop, or a an upgraded smartphone. But in public consensus, a downgraded laptop is a more acceptable definition. Am sure that after reading this article a lot of readers might call me a Microsoft fanboy, but am going to bare down on the truths about this device.
My first disappointment is about the absence of native Flash. Steve Jobs claims HTML5 is going to be the replacement for Flash, but we ain't seeing HTML5 until another 3 to 4 years. Would Apple's support for HTML5 and non-inclusion of the Flash plugin in their iPad speed up the development and use of HTML5? I don't think so. So why not include what we have and campaign for what we are yet to have. Definitely, it means i can't watch online videos on my iPad.
Secondly, i see on reason why it should have a 4:3 screen and no support for HD output (HDMI). The world has virtually migrated to HD. So, why on earth is this device not supporting HD.
Third, and probably most annoying is the fact that you cannot multitask on the iPad. Then why is it a PC at all. So once you're listening to music, you cant open spreadsheets or edit documents. In my opinion, that's lame.
Before you buy your iPad, make sure you won't really be needing the fore mentioned features

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